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Elac Uni Fi Slimline in white finish also available in black.Priced at $1500.00 delivered in the USA.Same great sound as the Uni Fi series but in a slimmer cabinet.These speakers will look and sound awesome in your personal listening room.Don"t wait .... Get a pair today and improve your lovelife.  


Sota Moonbeam turntable makes your precious vinyl sound like it"s supposed to and looks great as well !!!!! Forget all those cheap tables if you want good sound.These tables are made in the USA and with a Sota table you can upgrade to the next table with full credit for your current table.Who else does that ? Buy a Sota and you know you did the right thing.$849.95 msrp.


Rega continues the Revolution 

After a brief hiatus of the series, we are proud to announce the return of Planar 2. First introduced in 1976, the Planar 2 has always been Rega's starting foray into affordable high end. With many shared features and technologies from its more expensive Planar 3 brother, the "2" is an amazing value at less than $700. The new glossy plinth and sparkling Optiwhite platter form a beautiful body, while the new tonearm, improved bearings, motor and feet deliver the performance goods "under the hood". A big step up from the baby RP1, we're confident that many new Rega customers will make the leap to the brand new Planar 2 turntable.

Available July 2016.

$675 US Retail Price

Techical Specifications:
  • new RB220 tonearm
  • new 10mm Optiwhite glass platter
  • high-gloss acrylic finish in black or white 
  • redesigned main bearing housing
  • 24V motor with new motor control PCB 
  • redesigned feet for improved vibration control
  • includes the Carbon MM cartridge
  • upgradeable with Performance Pack Kit
  • dustcover included


Elac Uni Fi  Slimline UB5"s are an awesome choice for listeners who want the most out of their music collection but don"t want to spend alot of cash.These speaker cost $750.00 msrp and are worth every penny.


    Once you get your hands on a handmade in the USA preamp from Quicksilver Linestage you will never let go.With 10 times the current capability of the previous model it will drive any amplifier input impedience and interconnect cable with ease.And the best thing about it is the price is only $995.00 msrp.


Quicksilver Mid Mono vacuum tube mono block amplifiers.Use any Octal tube like EL-34 KT-88 KT-66 KT-90 6550 ect ... priced at $1895.00 msrp per pair.


Quicksilver Mini Mite mono block 25 wpc vacuum tube amplifiers.$1198.00 msrp per pair.


Soundsmith variable impedence MCP2 phono stage.This is a very good sounding phono stage you can easily tune to your cartridge on the fly.Priced at $999.95 msrp.


The best DAC that HRT Streamer makes and its the one I have in my system.An amazing sounding unit for $450.00.These are not the DACS of  10 years ago.


Vanatoo Transparent One speakers.This is one amazing sounding system.With 60 wpc amplifiers a Wolfson DAC volume plus bass and treble controls for adjusting to your room.DSP and a subwoofer out and blue tooth capable.USB - coaxial - and 3.5 mm analog inputs.Starting at $499.95 you will love this system.All the reviews say this is the best you can do fo a small room.Don't wait get one today and blow away your freinds and family.


Here is a subwoofer enhancer from US Soundlabs that will really help your bass platform.What it does is totally make your sub disappear and better and detailed bass comes out of your speakers that will shake the room.You plug your sub cable into this device then you plug the cable from the enhancer into your subwoofer.Then you plug the enhancer into the wall.Works best with subs that have at least 100 wpc and have a 10" woofer or bigger.$75.00 directly through me.


If you have been looking for a decent cartridge but don't want to spend the price of a used car this is the perfect choice.Soundsmith quality and only $479.00 msrp.


The iFi iTube is an amazing little box that has 3D Holographic Sound and The Taddeo Digital Antidote circutry for Digital and it has a volume control so you can use it as a preamp.You won't believe your ears when this preamp shames the big boys.Save your money and buy this instead of a full size preamp.The price of admission is only $329.00 msrp.



Here is the most awesome digital cable you are going to find for anywhere near its $179.00 asking price.The Mad Scientist Heritical digital cable with cotton jacket.Now only $120.00 including shipping Pay Pal.Add the Eichmann Silver Harmony connectors for an additional $60.00 and you have the perfect connection for your digital gear. 



YANAM interconnects have similar construction to the top-end TORFORB - both use a 3-way earth scheme, with foil and silver and copper wires. And of course they both use our special carbon fiber signal conductor. With YANAM, the foil is copper and the wires are high end teflon insulated OCC copper and silver, with an overall cotton covering. This gives you similar performance to the much pricier TORFORB. 

The result is an astonishingly realistic sound - normal interconnects sound mechanical and colored by comparison. And dynamics that make you jump.Priced at $549.95 msrp.I include shipping and Pay Pal charges. 






NEO Power Cord

Our besty-selling Nitro Power Cord uses the same updated Power Purifier design as the more expensive Nitro-OCC.  The Power Purifier uses a combination of 3 Black Sticks, 3 NEO Kegs and 3 magic Tubes to give you the signature NEO sound - relaxed, smooth and musical but dynamic and powerful at the same time.Priced at $399.00 msrp.


The HD6 is Audioengine’s latest statement on high-quality and highly-affordable audio. It uses built-in class A/B monoblock power amplifiers, 1” (25mm) silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets, 5.5” (140mm) Kevlar woofers with advanced voice coils and diecast aluminum frames, and built-in linear power supplies with toroidal power transformer.

furniture-grade wood veneers - available in Satin Black, Walnut or Cherry wood - and detachable magnetic grills give the HD6 a look and feel of old-school design elegance that blends with any decor. The woofers have aluminum frames allowing the lower-end to really perform, and the tweeters have smoother, more extended highs and improved imaging.

The Audioengine HD6 Premium Powered Speaker System has a retail price of $749 per pair and is available now.



 ATOH Interconnects
"A Taste Of Honey"

ATOH is our entry level interconnect, but still uses the exact same signal conductor as the top-end TORFORB - multi-bundle carbon fiber. It's this that gives 90% if the performance of the whole range of interconnects; ATOH is still a very high performing interconnect - still better than any that I'veheard yet, apart from it's more expensive siblings of course.Priceing starts at $199.95.



 The Mad Scientist FIRST power cord is low cost but very high performance. Using the same construction technique as the NEO Power Cord, it uses the same 11AWG copper/Teflon wire, same cotton sleeve over each wire. It also comes with the same Chinese unbranded audiophile power and IEC plugs. The FIRST cord is approximately 1 meter (3 feet) long,Pricing starts at $129.00 msrp for one meter.


Red Alert to computer audio listeners.Before you buy any USB DAC regardless of price you need to read this review on the HRT Streamer HD.The reviewer says this is the best DAC he has heard ..... EVER !!!!!!! Regardless of price. Priced at $379.00 not including shipping and Pay Pal.It is now time to get into computer audio !!!!!! Call or text me at 563-505-6462 and ask for Rick.Click on the link to read the review on the HRT streamer HD.

Link to HiFi Plus review of HRT Streamer HD

Available now !!!!!! SOTA Turntables and Soundsmith cartridges and Origin Live tonearms ....

    Here is a picture of my Jolida JD-1000RC $2698.95 msrp ..... It sounds and looks awesome !!!!!!! To the right is my little $1100.00 SOTA Comet with a $750.00 Origin Live Onyx tonearm and a Astatic MF 200 cartridge.Wow !!!!! This is a great sounding table .... I am waiting to burn the table in a bit before I mount the $1200.00 Soundsmith Zepher II in the box you see below the table.Try a SOTA if your tired of the boring Rega sound ... you wont go back and its made in the USA.The Origin Live tonearms are a gift from the gods and will bring out details that are buried by other arms.Soundsmith cartridges ..... need I say anymore !!!!!! I am listening to this table through a pair of the Awesome One + One mini monitors from Audience.These speakers do things as good or better than speakers that cost $30,000.00 and cost $1,800.00 msrp.Ask about availability.The phono stage I am using is a Jolida JD9 II with upgrade package and Audyne copper and oil capacitors.CDs are played on a Marantz 7007 DVD player $1,200.00 msrp and then fed to a Jolida FX Tube DAC priced at $699.95.I am also using a 12" Earthquake subwoofer with a 560 wpc amp.$1,600.00 msrp.I am also listening to Spotify through my Sprint LG G3 phone to a Bluetooth reciever connected to my Jolida JD-1000RC.







$189.95 is the low cost of admission to high quality audio.Ditch your old CD player hook a streamer up to your laptop and let the good times roll.With all the programs like Pandora and Spotify and iTunes now is the time to check out the music scene like never before.With all that music at your fingertips now you can make it sound great.







If you have to have super clean records here is the Audio Desk Systeme record cleaning machine and it is one of the best you are going to find.It uses ultrasonic waves like a jewelry cleaner to deep clean your records for a jet black background for the music to emerge from ....  this record cleaner can be yours for $3995.95 msrp.


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