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iFi Audio from the creators of Abbington Music Research.

Audio Force now offers iFi Audio .... from the creator of the Uber High End Abbington Music Research .... Mini Components that will trash full size units in a drumbeat !!!!!! Your missing the bus if you don't latch on to this high end give away !!!!!

Call or ask about the new iTube vacuum tube output stage that works with most iFi components to add the tube sound you crave.


Here is a portable solution for iPhone users and computer audio users as well.This unit has a rechargable lithium battery.You can even use this on your reciever if you have a digital input to play back your computer files.Impress everyone with this unsuspecting piece of gear.Built by people in the know about digital.In a word AWESOME !!!!!! Buy one now and prepare to blow your mind !!!!!!! Only $189.00.


USB Power Supply $199.00.The one the only .... If you want to add to the sound quality of whatever USB DAC you are using just add this and see what iFi can do for your sound.You will be astonished.


If you need a preamp for a small system or want to make your big system sing here you go.The Digital Antidote Plus® re-equalises harsh, ‘ringing’ digital sources which causes listening fatigue. With even more additional features not found elsewhere including 3D HolographicSound® system for Speakers
The Tri-brid stage offers input impedances of 1M ohm (Buffer) to 100k (Preamp) with the ability to drive professional 600 Ohm loads. This feature found only in select, top-end pre-amplifiers means the iTube is able to ‘bridge’ different impedance systems such as tubes to pro-audio solid-state.$299.00.


24/192 iFi ESS Sabre iDAC $299.00

This is a killer DAC by itself .... Add the USB power supply and the Gemini USB cable and hear super high quality music.


 iLink - USB to SPDIF Converter $250.00

If you must use a SPDIF converter there is not a better unit to be found at this low of a price.



iFi Phono $399.00
This unit is what made me open my eyes and buy the iFi line.Its an awesome phono stage by itself but add the USB power suppy and the Gemini USB cable and your not going to believe how much you get for so little.


GEMINI Dual Headed USB - 1.5M

$250.00 for 1.5 Meter.

There is technology beyond what meets the eye in this cable.Just try and find a cable that does more for your sound.



GEMINI Dual Headed USB -.7 meter

$175.00 for .7 meter

There is technology beyond what meets the eye in this cable.Just try and find a cable that does more for your sound.