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Please check out my listings on Audiogon - Go to member lookup and search for (audioforce)

If you need a picture or a model number or have any questions please email me at audio_way@yahoo.com or call (563)505-6462. Thanks !!!! Rick at Audio Force.All reasonable offers considered !!!!!

MSB A/D converter for recording vinyl.$475.00.obo.

DAL Audio chip amplifier.Looks like an old Dynaco 120 but better.This is a copy of a $10,000.00 amplifier and sounds great with full range one driver speakers.$375.00 shipped in original box.

Lumagen Vision Pro HDP Video processer $1500.00 msrp. mint condition $495.00.

80" Stewart Electric masking screen $5000.00 msrp.Excellent to mint condition.$2500.00

Perfectionest Audio Components Super IDOS powerline conditioner with outlets for digital analog and low level analog $275.00

Soundstream C2 THX surround processer by Jim Fosgate $3000.00 list have box and manual.Very nice shape with remote control.Black $450.00. 

Clark Synthesis TST329 Gold Tactical transducer,mount one under your couch with a variable output amp and freak out the kids !!!! Only $450.00.

Wireworld power strip,use any power cord DEMO $70.00.

2 half meter pairs of balanced Wireworld Eclipse interconnects brand new in package $250.00 for both.

 Soaring Audio SLC-100A $2200.00 New....mint condition DEMO....Now only $1299.95

Soaring Audio SLC-300A New $4400.00 DEMO lots of power for Electrostats ....Great with Magnapans .... mint condition $2774.95.

Bellari VP 29 with cap upgrade done professionaly.You can now hear the tube sound $250.00.
Pair of Antique Sound Labs 40 wpc mono block amps in silver mint with boxes $850.00.
Antique Sound Labs headphone amp with Wikapena volume knob and Electro Harmonix EL84 tubes  beautiful  single ended sound $275.00.
Jaton Operetta 70 wpc solid state amp with Vishay and Wima resistors and caps.Detailed sound.Very rare black faceplate .... Mint demo .... $600.00.



Custom House Pirana speaker cables for a 5.1 surround set up 8 ft front 5 ft center 25 ft for rears,starting to see some age but works great $250.00.

Pioneer double cassette player like new in box $175.00.

Carver C-7 thin style FM tuner mint with boxes and manuals has rack mount handles $250.00.

Inclosed Inwall speakers CSI brand $125.00.

1 meter Wireworld Gold Eclipse phono
cable .DIN to RCAs $250.00


If your wondering who Steve Hoffman is you can go to his website at www.stevehoffman.tv and check it out.  


Soaring Audio SLC-600 Direct input amplifier .... retail $4200.00.This is a 300wpc amplifier that wil toast nearly anything in it's path.Amps people say were great just plainly got killed.Special price on this demo.8.5 out of 10 for the condition.It's time for a new unit .... this ones got some hours on it and you need a great deal.Lets have a talk about this amp.Amp shown is actual amp for sale.Call me at 563-505-6462 and ask for Rick.

6moons review of CD3


The Jaton Operetta amplifier - $699.00 - Lovely amp with lots of solid state power and the  insides are  filled like a audiophiles jewelry box.Uses Vishay resistors and other high quality parts.Surprising sound for a 70wpc ... Don't think you can just buy a more powerful amp and get better sound .... design,parts quality and better sound make this amp a killer deal.


Silverline 60's....$850.00 retail.Looking for a two way mini monitor for your tube gear ? The Silverline 60's are a great match with most tube equipement.Look at the quality of the drivers.Well built and they have midrange that sounds  better than speakers costing more than 10 times their price,bass is unbelievable for a speaker this size,imageing is amazing.Try em you"ll like em ! Now only $550.00 a pair ..... Lets Deal !!!!


Clearaudio Champion Level II.....All Clearaudio products available.


Metronome CD3 CD player $12000.00 and Clearaudio Champian Level II with Morch tonearm and Shelter 90X cartridge about $8000.00.


The Soaring Audio SLC-A300 and the SLC-A600  amplifiers with the Metronome CD3.Unfreakin believable.Speakers are Kirksaeter Silverline 120's.Element Matadore bi-wire speaker cables.Give us a call at (563)505-6462.

Soaring Audio is here and it is my favorite amp ever.This 100 wpc amplifier sells for $2100.00 and has a noise floor 100 times quieter than a CD so all you hear is pure music.A must try amp for your system.This amp has SLC circutry for a jet black background.Music emerges from silence and deliverers much more detail. The Bass is very realistic sounding and deliverers plenty of low end punch.It has to be about the best sound I have ever heard from an amp let alone a $2100.00 one.How do they do it ? Soaring Audio recieved best sound at show with their other 100 wpc with 500 wpc peak amp driving Magnaplaners ..... a most very difficult speaker to drive.They also make 85 lb 800 wpc mono block monsters for only $4200.00 a pair and the brand new SLC-A600 for the same price.Thats about as factory direct pricing as it gets.If you have Magnapans or any other difficult to drive speakers  ..... like Eminent Tech or Martin Login this amp will give you unbelievable great sound.This amp is quite the suprise as it I have heard it beat highly regarded mono block amplifiers that retail for $14,000.00.Don't pass this amp by .... Call (563-505-6462) ask for Rick.

AMAZEING !!!! Here's the new amplifier from Soaring Audio,the SLC-A600.Its actually two Soaring Audio SLC300s....1+1=2 right.....WRONG !!!!! This thing is 3 to 4 times better than their amp that got awarded best sound at the show that only costs $2100.00.Much more power 300wpc instead of 100wpc.The real reason it is so good is because there are two proccessers instead of one.The top SLC proccesser is not connected to the amp so you can hook up another pair of amps,but the best way to use it is to run your source or preamp through it.All you need is a half meter pair of interconnects....WOW !!!!! Holy $#!T.I could not believe what I was hearing.This amp has sledgehammer bass that is in the Lamm and Cary league.I would not be afraid to challange amps costing several times it's price.The SLC-A600 will make your $2000.00 dollar speakers sound like $10.000.00 ones.If you have $4200.00 to spend this is a must audition amp.You will blow your freinds and neighbors away with the SLC-A600.This amp is by special order only and may take up to two weeks to build.Also available with balanced inputs and outputs.Also your choice of black or silver.Call for a time to come in and listen to mine but don't forget to bring your checkbook so you can have one of these as soon as possible.Order soon before the price goes up.Please call 563-505-6462 with any questions you may have and ask for Rick.I have a demo at a special price.







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