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Jaton Operetta and REAL loudspeakers.

Jatons AV website.


Turn that little kitten TV into a roaring tiger for only $175.00 !!!!! Pay Pal adds 3% Excellent sound quality at a super low price.Click on picture for full size view.


Jaton REAL A&V-803 Speakers $6000.00 msrp now on sale for $4200.00.These speakers are as good as any $6000.00 speaker but at $4200.00 they totally are in a class of their own.

Click on picture below to view Jatons factory direct pricing !!!!!!



The Jaton Lyra HD661-DX  $1600.00 msrp now only $1120.00 with Jatons factory direct pricing.

The beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to listen to Lyra HD-661DX speaker from Jaton with eleven coats of piano black lacquer.

      Our ultimate speaker builds on our experience with the two-way HD661-DX, yet ventures into thrilling new territory with a completely redesigned crossover that competently negotiates the complexities of three-way performance.



Click on picture above to read the new review about the Operetta RC2000 preamplifier with built in D/A converter,subwoofer output and two sets of preamp inputs for bi-amplifing your speakers.Call or text 563-505-6462 for factory direct pricing.


Here is a picture of the Operetta CD 10000 with the Mundorf caps.Wow !!!!! This is one awesome CD player.It is built like the big name audio companies but priced at a much better price of admission.$4995.95 msrp. 

Click on picture to enlarge.


The Operetta room at 2011 CES at The Show.On display are the CD1000A with Mundorf caps $5000.00 the Operetta Digital preamp $1050.00 and the totally Class A Operetta with 300 watts of class A power powering the REAL speakers for $12000.00. 

Now presenting the Jaton Operetta CD1000 CD player.


Here's a sneak peak at the Operetta CD1000 CD player.It will be offered at three different levels starting at $1900.00 and up to $5000.00 for the top model.These prices are estimated.When Jaton comes out with a product it is for good reason.Parts will include Mundorf Vishay & other audiophile goodies.I can't wait.


Click on link for full size pic.

Jaton REAL A&V-803


Jaton REAL A&V-803 Speakers $6000.00 msrp Demo pair now on sale for $1699.00.

Limited time only !!!!! $499.00 Plus shipping !!!!!

Comeing soon !!!!! Matching subwoofer with 10" woofer !!!!! $399.00


     Limited time only !!!!! From Jaton

With the subwoofer which is not included I found this speaker system being sold for $1168.00.The paint finished  version of Jaton's ANV Home Theatre Systems, AV-515 Theater Speaker Systems includes: AV515F floor standing speakers (4 towers) AV515C center speaker.Available in three choices of metallic :"Gray,"  "Silver,"  and "Champagne." With the fashionable design of enclosure, AV-515 can surely offer you the modern style you pursue in your living room.Specifications: floor Standing Satellite (4), Center Speaker (1) Driver Unit: 2 way 3 Drivers Unit Size: 5" Woofer x2 Unit, 1" Tweeter x1 Unit S.P. Level: 87 dB / 1 W / M Effective Freq.: 50 Hz ~ 25 KHz Max.Power: 20W - 150W Max.Nom. Impedance: 4 Ohm 8 Ohm 16 Ohm.External Dimension: (Standing) 42 (L) X 10 (W) X 11 (D) (Center): 22 (L) X 8.5 (W) X 10 (D)Satellite Max.Power: AV-65ASS 50W X 5.1 CH.Comes shipped in 5 cartons.


For a $1000.00 this amp is a steal,parts quality is high and sounds great for the money.Blows the doors off highly respected names of equipment.Read review below.


Operetta RC-2000S/P preamplifier. $1500.00 msrp.

Click on picture to enlarge photo.

      Available in black or silver finishes.XLR in and out - Has crossover adjustment from the remote -two preamp outputs to bi-amplify your speakers -  subwoofer output - detachable power cord and remote.Uses audiophile grade Wima and Mundorf capacitors.$1500.00 msrp.Contact Audio Force for factory direct pricing.


The $1000.00 wonder in a silver brushed aluminum faceplate.Vishay resistors,Nichicon,and Wima capasitors used throughout.


The Jaton 5 Channel Home Theater Preamplifier in silver $499.00


A shot of the rear of the two channel version.


Nice speaker binding posts.



(Limited time only )Factory Direct pricing on most of the Jaton electronics and speakers !!!!!!

ON SALE !!!!!! Now only $699.00 with Jatons factory direct sale prices.


Operetta RC-2000S/P preamplifier. $1500.00 msrp.

Click on the picture for a full size image.

Jatons new preamp.This preamp has excellent sound and is very transparent.It really lets the music come through for an unbelievable $1400.00.Sounds as good as preamps that cost three times its price. Wait till the reviewers get their hands on one of these
 Audio Force has been auditioning the 4 channel amplifier and the new preamplifier with bi-amp outputs and built in D/A converter.This stuff is no joke.It's KILLER and is loaded with high end parts that will amaze you.Believe me it sounds as good as it looks.

Click on the picture below for factory direct pricing.

 SALE !!!! Now only $499.00 for a 2 channel amp that stomps $1500.00 amps.Uses high quality parts like Vishay resistors.


NEW - Jaton Operetta 70wpc two channel amplifier.$995.00 retail. From the makers of NVIDIA GeForce - video cards for computers.The reviews say it has more bass and seductive midrange than Outlaw with 200 wpc and Anthem with 180 wpc.Excellent solid state sound with only 70wpc.Sounds more powerful than highly regarded 120wpc amps.It blew away my Belles Hot Rod at $1500.00.Come in and listen or call to arrange for an audition.



Picture of the rear of the Operetta.

Now is the time to treat yourself to a Operetta amplifier.......Looks good sounds better.The Jaton Operetta 2 channel amplifier,only $1000.00 msrp. Just add amplifier moduals for home theater or bi-wiring.This amp will beat big name amps at double its price no problem.Paired up with Jatons new  AV-200RCS preamp you will rediscover your music collection.Uses expensive Vishay resistors and other high quality parts.High end sound has just gotten cheaper !!!!! Discover Jaton Operetta.From the makers of the high end video cards for computers NVIDIA.